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Meals with the Mates!

May 22nd, 2011 amguar12

Hello all,

I am taking a break from studying various modern art movements to explain to you all two exciting meals that occurred this weekend.  Firstly, a few days ago Danielle decided to host a dinner party in our flat for all of us flatmates.   Those who attended included all of us who live in flat 27 as well as all honorary flatmates, which basically consist of others who live in Lewes Court but are always here.  ‘The meal’, as it came to be called, was held a couple days ago on Friday and was quite a feast!

The night before, Danielle drove the boys to Tesco to pick up ingredients for our Mexican-inspired menu.  When I woke up Friday morning (as they had gone grocery shopping literally at midnight), the kitchen was stocked with chips, salsa, guacamole, meat, beans, tortillas and many other things.  I did a personal grocery run at Asda later in the day and picked up some tubs of ice cream as well as some fresh flowers to spruce up the kitchen.  Needless to say, everyone was pretty excited for ‘the meal’.

Danielle wanted to cook everything herself, and she is quite an amazing chef, I must say.  The boys were in charge of buying groceries and dragging in the kitchen table from flat 28 while the girls straightened up the kitchen, helped Danielle, and decided where everyone was going to sit.  Sitting at one long table, the 10 of us piled our plates with cheesy nachos, salad and burritos.  We chatted and listened to music as we ate, and we were all so full afterwards.  Danielle did a great job, and it was so great to have a meal all together!

I thought Mexican food was a great choice, seeing as it is not as popular in England in general as it is in America.   The leftovers were so popular the next day, with Charlotte and the boys in my flat racing to the fridge to get the last of the burritos. 

Saturday afternoon I went with my flatmate Harry and some neighbors from flat 23 to the Stanmer Tea Rooms in the park!  While I walk through this part at least once a week, I have never been to the tea rooms and have always heard my mates rave about how good the food is.  Yesterday afternoon was one of the most gorgeous weather days, so we sat on picnic tables outside and ate a variety of foods.  I just had a traditional scone with cream and jam but many others got tea, the farmer’s breakfast (consisting of fried eggs, bacon, sausage, baked beans and toast), Viennese cookies and ice pops.  It was so relaxing, sitting in the sun. 

Ok, that is about it for the excitement of this weekend, meal-wise.  Currently I am sitting in my room in my pajamas on this cloudy Sunday morning while my mates are sleeping.  With week 5 starting this week, it is the official last week of classes for me at Sussex Uni!!!!  In addition to finishing classes, I have to complete two art slide test essays this week as well as my first official exam (ahh!) on Saturday.  So, I am expecting a stressful few days ahead.

Alright, I hope everyone’s weeks are going well.  Especially for seniors at HC, soak up your last moments – I can’t believe you all graduate this week!!!  OK, back to work for me.  I will post some pics of the meal below.

my newly purchased flowers

setting the table

delicious food!

a relatively recent photo of Danielle and I (more flatmate photos will come in future blogs)

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