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All Good Things Must Come to an End

June 16th, 2011 amguar12


June has been quite a busy month so far – revising for and taking exams, soaking up my last minutes in England, coming home for my brother’s high school graduation and preparing myself for saying goodbye and moving out of my flat.  Definitely a mix of emotions to say the least.  Additionally, in that time, both Charlotte and Danielle have moved out of the flat to start working for the summer (Danielle will actually be in America!!!).  Anyway, although I still have one week and one day left until I am on my way home for good, I am dedicating this post to my amazing flatmates, whom I miss so incredibly much as I write this from my home in NY.

On Tuesday of last week, the 6 of us went out to Donatello’s, one of my favorite restaurants in Brighton, for a nice meal together.  In addition to the amazing 3-course menu and endless food, it was definitely one of the last times all six of us were together, just us.  Although I love my neighbors at Sussex greatly and the fact that they always come to our flat to visit, it was so nice to spend time with just my flatmates.  I really am so grateful that I was randomly placed with such amazing people and that all six of us managed to get along quite well throughout the year.  Although I thought it was quite difficult to live with incoming freshmen in the beginning of the year, they have definitely grown on me and I now find their antics rather amusing.  Living with them has been an aspect of study abroad that I could not have possibly planned for, but it has definitely been one of my highlights of the experience.

A brief history of the flat:  We originally started out as ‘the flat of 5’ – me, Harry, Jason, Josh and Charlotte.  We had a Chinese roommate named Su, and although we tried to speak with her and include her in things, the language barrier and cultural differences were too much for Su and she ended up making all Chinese friends.  Then, one evening in late November, Danielle knocked on our door and announced that she was most likely going to be doing a room swap with Su and moving into our flat.  This caught all of us off-guard, as we were not expecting a new flatmate at all.  We felt bad that Su would be moving out.  Also, since the 5 of us got along so well, we worried that the dynamics of the flat would change if Danielle moved in.  Within 3 days of our initial and unexpected meeting, Danielle moved in, and I must say she has been an extremely positive influence on the flat!  While some things did of course change upon her arrival (such as the flat definitely becoming a lot girlier for instance), Danielle fit in so well and I’m glad we were able to spend 2 terms as flatmates.  Wow, as I write this it all feels so long ago!  Crazy!

Fast forward 6 and a half months to the end of last week.  Charlotte packed up all her belongings and went home for the summer.  I flew back home for a week while the boys each went home for a few days and Danielle packed to spend the summer in America (she is on the plane right now actually!).  So, at this point in time, flat 27 is just the boys (I will re-join them in Week 9).  Looking back, we have all had so many great memories this year, and it is definitely a bittersweet moment knowing how little time is left.  I am ready to begin the summer officially, be back at Holy Cross and spend time with family and with my American friends.  However, I really am so sad to say goodbye.  Really sad. 

Ok, time to continue revising for my Philosophy of Mind exam, as it is one week from today and quite confusing.  I will post some pics below of the flat 27 family at our lush meal! 

From left: Danielle, Josh and Charlotte

From left: Jason, Harry and myself

All 6 of us at Donatello's Italian Restaurant in Brighton

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