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Reflections on the Spring Term

August 4th, 2011 amguar12

By the end of the autumn term, I had had my fill of Sussex.  At the end of the winter break, I wasn’t exactly keen on coming back to England.  However, things really turned around this term, making it a drastic difference from the trying autumn term.

One of the main things I loved about this term was that it formed a regular routine week after week.  I am such a routine person so needless to say, I was a bit lost the first term.  In the spring term I loved my classes and my schedule – I took two art history classes as well as health psychology and philosophy of mind.  I became closer with my flatmates during this time.  Whereas the first term was more about getting to know everyone and do everything all the time, people settled down a bit during this term and started to hang out with the same people regularly.  The fact that they all had to choose their housing for next year in January changed up some friendship groups and dynamics, but by the end of the term it was all sorted, as they say in England.

The spring term also had a bit of travel, which was so exciting for me!  In England, I got to see Shakespeare’s birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon as well as another trip to London when one of my best friends, fellow blogger Nora, visited me for my 21st birthday!!  Internationally, I was finally able to visit Dublin, Ireland where I spent a few days visiting my good friend and fellow blogger Amanda.  After seeing Ireland in February, I made it to Barcelona, Spain for Carneval Weekend in early March.  Travel was a big theme of the spring term because I spent so much time organizing flights and travel info, and I definitely realized that travelling abroad is a lot harder to organize / carry out than one might expect.  Nonetheless, it was totally worth it!

On another good note, my computer worked amazingly well during this term and had no issues!  For me, the spring term was quite peaceful because I really was enjoying daily life, the people I lived with and opportunities to travel.  Even though it was winter, the time flew!  I was right in the heart of the abroad experience – having a good time, well enough in so that I knew people and how to do things but still many months away from the end.

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