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Endless Art!

May 24th, 2011 amguar12


So my title of this blog is a bit of a contradiction because this morning I had my last art class ever at Sussex! This was so sad, and even more so when a few hours later I realized that it was my last lecture I will ever sit in at Sussex Uni! I really can’t believe it.

Art has been one of the greatest and most unexpected things of my year abroad. Back in the autumn term, I was signed up to take a first-year course called ‘Stories of Art’, which I was basically using to fulfill my art requirement for HC. While the class was interesting in itself, I was more inspired outside of class by my flatmate, Charlotte and my neighbor, Frankie, who lives 2 floors below me. Both of them study art history, and as first-years they happened to be in Stories of Art as well. It was fun going to class with my friends and meeting their other art history friends in the lectures. I really enjoyed learning about Italian Renaissance art, but the lectures were so varied that I was able to learn about a wide range of art.

When it came time to choose my classes for the spring and summer term, I enrolled in 2 art classes. The first of these was Communicating Art, which was another first-year course with Charlotte and Frankie. The second class was called Art of the Modern Era and was a second-year course that Charlotte and Frankie will take next year. Each class explored different themes, and I am proud to say that 3 of my 8 classes this year have been art history classes.

This week, Week 5, is actually the last week of classes of the Summer Term. Normally, classes end in Week 10, but weeks 6-10 of this term are reserved for exams. With the art classes, instead of sitting a formal exam, you complete slide tests during the final week of the term. These are online, and you have from Monday to Thursday to complete them. Last night, all of the art history girls came over to the flat, where we studied for the Communicating Art slide test. I stayed up quite late working, so needless to say I had to drag myself out of bed to attend my 9 AM lecture for Art of the Modern Era. Yesterday was my last Communicating Art, and as of now I have no more classes left to attend at Sussex. I still can’t get over it.

The reason I named this entry ‘Endless Art’ is because I feel that I have been living and breathing art this week as I have been completing the online slide tests. While the information is interesting, after working on it all day every day for the past few days, I feel like I am about to explode art! Well, only 48 hours until everything is due…

OK, back to the work! Writing this blog has been my break from working. Below are a couple pictures of Charlotte and Frankie, my art history friends at Sussex!

Charlotte and I

Frankie and I

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